From the farms, the fruit is sent straight to pack houses where it is processed and prepared. The fruit is graded to eliminate any with physical quality defects. Its weight sized. Once the fruit is sorted it is packed into cartons of either 4 kg, 8 kg or 10 kg bulk packs. Packed fruit is placed in cold rooms and cooled in preparation for shipping in refrigerated containers. This simple natural fruit is amazingly high in healthy fats with attractive benefits to the body. Our Kenya avocados are sourced from family growers who are dedicated to producing top grade avocados for both local and global markets. We export both Kenya Hass Avocados and Kenya Fuerte Avocados. Our super-food contains no trace of sodium or cholesterol, while saturated fat content is extremely minimal.

Avocados are rich in potassium which is linked to effective reduction of high blood pressure which is a serious risk factor for complications such as strokes, kidney failures and heart attacks.

Fruit characteristics include;



Fuerte is one of the major varieties, The tree is broad, very productive and susceptible to both Anthracnose and Scab . Fruit characteristics; Pear-shaped fruit with medium seed, Weight: 140 – 395 g per fruit, Smooth thin green skin, skin remains green when fruits are mature and creamy, pale green flesh.

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The tree grows tall and requires cutting back. Distinctive for its skin that turns from green to purplish-black when fruits are mature. Fruit characteristics include; Oval-shaped fruit with small to medium seed, easy peeling, great taste, outstanding shelf-life and shipping characteristics. It has one of the longest harvesting seasons.

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