Mangoes are an excellent nutritional source, containing many vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, as well as enzymes such as esters. Our mangoes are grown in the best practices and conditions, carefully handled during harvest and packed in the best hygienic conditions suitable for the global market for mangoes. We deal with the following mango species;


Apple Mango

Apple mangoes are medium to large nearly round in shape and contain a rich yellow or orange to red color when ripe. Its Average length, 9.7 cm by 11 cm in width, and weighs is 280-580 gms. The skin is smooth and thin. Its juicy yellow flesh is of excellent flavor and of melting texture virtually free from fiber.



Kent Mango

Kent Mango is greenish-yellow with a red or crimson blush on the shoulder. Its fruit-shape is regular ovate with a rounded base and often with two slight beaks. Average length of the fruit is 12.4 cm with a width of 9.7 cm and with an average weight of 545 g. The skin is thick and tough and small yellow lenticels are frequent; the flesh is juicy, deep yellow, melting, fibreless and of a rich flavor



Ngowe Mango

Ngowe mango is large, oblong and slender with a very prominent hook-like beak at the apex. It grows from pale green and develops to a most attractive yellow to orange color when ripe. The deep yellow flesh is of superb quality, melting, free from fiber and carries no turpentine taste. The Average fruit length is 14 cm with a width of 9.5 cm. The weight ranges from 425—600 g.



Keitt Mango

This type of fruit has outstanding quality and may be left on the trees long after the usual harvesting time. It is large with an average length of 11.7cm and a width of 9.2cm. The fruit has an average weight of 456g. Keitt Mango has a greenish-yellow colour with pink or red blush and lavender bloom. Its shape is ovate and plump without a beak. Has a rounded base. The flesh is deep yellow, fairly firm but tender, melting, juicy and with only a little fiber near the seed. Keitt Mango fruit is rich and sweet with a pleasant aroma and excellent quality. Our mango fruits are of high quality, handpicked, well graded and hygienically handled and packed.